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A must share Moment!…….from Colleen

Today I took one of our boys to our local clinic here in Perkins. It opened a few weeks ago with a Certified Nurse Practitioner and a great staff. This was our guys 3rd. time to be seen there and the staff greeted and hugged and fussed over him so much. When they found out that he would be staying in the area even though he group homes are closing…he will be moving into foster care with us, they were so excited! More hugs and squeals and high fives. I watched his reaction and could see that he was reveling in the warmth of their compassion and care. The reason we went to the doctors was dealt with by the way, but the joy of seeing the relationship we have built here was the best medicine. Bob and I considered many options when we were told of the transition. We considered prayerfully and thoughtfully about what to do and where to go. It seemed to us that we are meant to stay here for now, continue to be a family with those boys who are staying with us on this journey. To see our boys loved by their community and supported by so many folks in our school and town helped us make that decision to remain and allow them to stay in the same school, be with the same people and continue to grow and thrive. We mindfully considered the love and support we have experienced over the years with all of our Lion friends and look forward to the same relationships in years to come.
Walk with us through this turbulent time and look to see what exciting things are going to happen! Continue your love and support as we strive to serve even more children, youth, siblings and create a Community of loving sharing Foster Families. One definition I read of the word “foster” means “to hold tight to”, that pretty well describes our purpose. Join us in continuing on the path of creating an environment where all of our kids feel the security and promise of a bright future as we “hold on to” each other. Blessings!

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