Foster Family Stories

The Eglestons fostered dozens of children over the years, watching them reunite with their families. So they were surprised when adoption came up as an option for their now adopted sons. We share their story of how they began fostering, what it was like meeting their sons, and how their family grew.

The Buckminsters were a family of 4 when they first started fostering. Their lives changed as they met Julie and Levi, two foster children who were in 11 homes within a year.

What happens when you’re a foster parent and the kids you care for have a chance of going home with their biological parents? This is the reality of many foster parents around Oklahoma — caught in-between wanting to adopt and wanting the kids to go back with their parents. What would you do? This is the story of how two families worked together to bring the best to their children.

Common Fears from New Foster Parents