By Colleen Fowler

Three years ago a young man named Arturo came to live at the Lions Meadows of Hope. Arturo challenged us and we challenged him…We had family vacations and tough family meetings, tears of frustration and tears of joy. Even when my husband and I retired last December, we kept in touch and we see him often, helping him along with his current foster family, through Drivers Ed and his senior year of school. Arturo and his brother Junior will always have a special place in our hearts. Today in the mail I received a special gift…a graduation announcement from this handsome, smart and precious young man. Thank you to his new foster family, the Cowan’s, for continuing the journey with him! There will be tears of joy and pride as he walks across that stage to get his diploma. This is what the Lions Meadows of Hope is all about! Getting a young man from the streets to the stage – to shake hands with the educators who worked hard to help make this happen and the two sets of foster parents who love him and are so proud of what HE has accomplished. Success lies ahead of him and he has two forever families to help along the way!

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