Here are some ways to support our future that won’t affect your financial situation today:


  • Include Lions Meadows of Hope in your will or trust. This is an easy and flexible way to extend your support. As little as one sentence in your will is all it takes to complete your gift.

  • Donate retirement plan assets. By making a simple designation on your plan’s beneficiary designation form, you can save your loved ones from a significant tax burden while supporting our future.

  • Donate a life insurance policy. You can donate a no-longer-needed policy or simply name Lions Meadows of Hope as the beneficiary.

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Donation FAQs

1. Family or Lions Meadows of Hope?
Both! Instead of a fixed amount, consider gifting a percentage of your estate or specific assets. That way, gifts to loved ones and to Lions Meadows of Hope remain proportional – no matter how your estate fluctuates.

2. What can I leave besides cash?
You can make a gift of just about anything you own – cash, stocks, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, real estate or personal property.

3. Do I need a will to make a planned gift?
It depends on the type of planned gift you make. While there are some planned gifts that donʼt require a will, others do need to be a part of your will to be valid. Your best bet is to consult a professional advisor to be sure your wishes will be carried out.

5. How much work and time is involved in making a planned gift?
It depends on the type of gift you make and the complexity (or simplicity) of your estate. There are many types of planned gifts that a qualified advisor can help you set up quickly and easily.

6. What are the tax advantages to making a planned gift?
Most planned gifts do carry tax advantages – but how many depends on the type of gift you make. Thatʼs why itʼs important to consult a professional advisor to be sure you are maximizing all available tax breaks as you consider making a planned gift.

7. What is Lions Meadows of Hope’s tax ID number?

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