What motivates you to be the leader of Meadows of Hope? American author John Steinbeck once said “Perhaps it takes courage to raise children.” When I heard that quote I thought of what type of courage it must take to raise someone else’s children. It’s a type of courage that is uncommon. It’s a…

By Sarah E. Hartley When you chat with Trey and Christie Buckminster about marriage, parenting and their general outlook on life, a theme emerges: faith. Both were born and bred in Oklahoma, Trey in Enid and Christie in Choctaw. They were drawn to each other through their shared Christian faith and were married in 2004….

By Colleen Fowler Three years ago a young man named Arturo came to live at the Lions Meadows of Hope. Arturo challenged us and we challenged him…We had family vacations and tough family meetings, tears of frustration and tears of joy. Even when my husband and I retired last December, we kept in touch and…

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2 days ago

Lions Meadows of Hope

KUSH 1600 RADIO invited us to talk about foster care and the need for foster parents in Oklahoma. We had a great time. We will be back December 20th to give another update.Bryan Larison with Lion's Meadows of Hope is back this morning to talk about the importance of foster care. Want more information? Visit lionsmoh.org/ ... See MoreSee Less

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#FamilyFriday It's time to meet another one of our awesome foster parents. This is Angie Jones. She has been a foster parent for 9 years. She is a single mom of a beautiful adopted daughter and is a foster mom to another beautiful daughter. She works full time as a Special Education teacher so it's obvious Angie has a huge heart! Read more about her story and her giving heart...

How many children have you previously fostered? 22

How did you get connected with Lions Meadows of Hope?
I ran into Bryan, the Executive Director of LMOH, and he told me about LMOH and their goal to keep sibling sets together through the community of foster families. I knew I had to be a part of that! I am the oldest of 4 and can't imagine what it would have been like to be separated from my siblings. I've had to foster children that were separated from their siblings and have seen that pain first hand. One sibling set of 5 comes to mind in particular. Living in a 2 bedroom home, I wasn't allowed to take all of them. I started out with just one of them. This child struggled because he was separated from his brothers and sister.. I worked hard to help the kids have time and activities together to lessen the time that they were apart. Eventually, DHS allowed one other sibling to move in with us and we squeezed 3 kids and myself into this 2 bedroom home. But nothing I could do could make up for the fact that they were living apart. When we visited we all wished for a home big enough that they could all stay together. LMOH has made that wish we made together come true. I think of those kids all of the time when I see a new sibling group move out to the community. I'm so thankful they are able to remain together. It's a step in the right direction. I love being a part of an organization working to keep kids together.
How does Lions Meadows of Hope support you and your family?
They provide training and resources to support me on this journey. They provide parents night out to give me some respite. They provide community of other foster parents that I can befriend and share all of the highs and lows of this adventure. They call to check in on me and the kids to assess our needs. They listen when I need just to talk and be heard. They provide opportunities for the kids to enjoy and experience that enrich their lives and attempt to make this time in their lives just a bit brighter (horseback riding, fishing derby, etc). They seek out and match us with volunteers to meet any of the kids needs. They are there to help when there is a bump in the road.

What is the best thing about being part of the Lions
Meadows of Hope community?
The community! I love the support and the "togetherness" that comes with this group. We are a family at LMOH. I've made so many connections with the other foster families, volunteers, and LMOH staff. I continue to grow from those connections and relationships. The kids feel the same. They have formed connections with the other kids and families as well as staff and volunteers. It's such a valuable thing for the kids to connect with other foster kids and be able to share those experiences as well. I've mostly spoken to my experience, but I've observed and listened to the kids describe the same thing. They form some lasting friendships and bonds through these activities and shared experiences.
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1 week ago

Lions Meadows of Hope

This past Saturday Lions Meadows of Hope was so blessed by the youth group from Lifechurch in Stillwater. Their awesome leader, David Wright, brought some great kids and some other leaders from their group to help clean our donation room and do some outside work around our families homes, including cleaning windows! We cannot thank them enough for their great attitudes and hard work! ... See MoreSee Less

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