What motivates you to be the leader of Meadows of Hope? American author John Steinbeck once said “Perhaps it takes courage to raise children.” When I heard that quote I thought of what type of courage it must take to raise someone else’s children. It’s a type of courage that is uncommon. It’s a…

By Sarah E. Hartley When you chat with Trey and Christie Buckminster about marriage, parenting and their general outlook on life, a theme emerges: faith. Both were born and bred in Oklahoma, Trey in Enid and Christie in Choctaw. They were drawn to each other through their shared Christian faith and were married in 2004….

By Colleen Fowler Three years ago a young man named Arturo came to live at the Lions Meadows of Hope. Arturo challenged us and we challenged him…We had family vacations and tough family meetings, tears of frustration and tears of joy. Even when my husband and I retired last December, we kept in touch and…

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#FamilyFriday We want to introduce special member of our LMOH family → Cyndy Farrell. Cyndy is a board member and always willing to help in any way she can. When asked to help she says “ thanks for the opportunity “. Talk about a kind heart ❤️
1. What Lions Club do you belong to? I belong to the Lawton Noon Lions Club.

2. How long and in what capacity have you served on the Lions Meadows of Hope board? I have been on the board for about 9 months and I am a member of the finance committee.

3. Why is LMOH's mission important? The mission of LMOH is to keep together brothers and sisters who find themselves in foster care and create a community of support for the children and the foster parents. I grew up with 7 brothers and sisters and I cannot imagine not being raised with them, being separated not only from my parents, but also my siblings. And those who choose to foster these children are amazing heroes who need our support financially, socially, physically, mentally and spiritually and LMOH helps to provide that care.

4. How does LMOH make a difference for kinds in foster care? LMOH seeks not just to provide food, clothing and shelter for these children, but a community where they feel at home in order for them to become the caring adults their future families and our society needs.

5. Why do you think other people should support LMOH? Children should not be wondering where they will sleep, when they will eat or when they will see their brothers or sisters again. If, for whatever reason, their families cannot provide a loving and safe environment, LMOH is a wonderful choice for them. Financial support and volunteers are needed so that the awesome work that goes on there can continue. Please consider supporting this organization. It is a better investment than any mutual fund, stock or bank account. It is an investment that benefits all of us.
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