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Our volunteer opportunities are back up and going strong!

Helping can be a group project or an individual calling.

Informal Care and Alternative Caregiver

Care for children on your own time by providing babysitting services for foster parents.

Volunteer from Home

Get involved by helping from home! Be a part of our meal train team or send a donation to a family in need.

Group-based Activities

Help with events by working with our children, preparing or serving meals, or engaging in custodial work on our campus in Perkins.

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Lions Meadows of Hope unites brothers and sisters in foster care, and surrounds them with family, love, and a community of hope. In order to safeguard the well-being of our children and parents, LMOH does not allow individuals to volunteer that could potentially endanger the health, safety, or well-being of children.

Volunteers that interact with LMOH foster children must be under the supervision of a LMOH staff member or LMOH foster parent.

In order to build healthy safe relationships, we ask that you provide the most accurate data and information available.

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* Nothing in this agreement would impede a foster parent from utilizing individuals for informal care as outlined in Section 61.1 (a) of the OKDHS Child Care Services Licensing Requirements for Child Placing Agencies.

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