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Our greatest wish is to give siblings in foster care a loving family and a safe home. As a certified foster care agency, we place Oklahoma Department of Human Services foster children in homes in Stillwater, Perkins, Cushing, Yale, Ripley and other surrounding areas in Payne County. In addition, we place children and teens on our 160-acre foster care community campus. There are five homes on campus that were built specifically to provide a safe and loving home for a minimum of four foster children, with the primary goal of keeping brothers and sisters together. We also help people become certified foster parents and support them on their foster care journey. We are committed to preventing placement disruptions by providing the support necessary for the foster parents to continue to say yes to foster care.

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It takes a village to raise a child and your help is greatly needed.


Growing children need stable, loving homes. Your nurturing care can change lives.

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    Lion Dan Crawford — Board of Trustees member

    "The Oklahoma Boys Ranch has given meaning and purpose to my life."

      "The successful transition of the Ranch into the vision of the original IOA Ranch as it was intended to be has finally become reality. The original vision was for the Ranch to be a haven for boys AND girls of all ages, keeping brothers and sisters together in an environment of love and support. By coming to the rescue of children at a much earlier age than we could before, we have the power to give children a stable, loving home before they become a statistic on some government chart."
    Bob Fowler — Pastor and foster parent

    "...We are more of a family now..."

      "After many years of being a house-parent at the OLBR, we transitioned to be a foster care family at the Meadows of Hope. Our boys that came with us agree that it was a great move! We are more of a family now able to abide by family rules, care for each other and share our faith and morals. We can allow our kids to be “regular teenagers”."
    James W. — Former Resident

    "...without my foster parents I wouldn't be where I am right now..."

      "I think the Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch and now the Lions Meadows of Hope was an amazing place. They helped me grow in many ways and get ready for the real world… without my foster parents I wouldn’t be where I am right now in a solid relationship living independently and with a good full-time job."
    The Buckministers — Foster Parents

    "...We are excited to be part of the new things to come..."

      "The value of the families in the community and the vision for the future of the Lions Meadows of Hope is priceless! We are excited to be a part of the new things to come and to see the addition of more families striving to provide loving homes to foster children. It is an amazing place to be and we are blessed to be a part of it!"